Denny’s Breakfast Hours: Does Denny’s Serve Breakfast All Day

Denny’s Diner has some of the best breakfast options for you to start your morning with. But, what if you missed your breakfast or got late for the breakfast? No problem, Denny’s breakfast hours are open or available all day long. Now, drive anytime and get the breakfast menu present on your table.

denny's breakfast hours

Almost all of the Denny’s Diner locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Denny’s hours for breakfast are also available around the floc. This means you can visit the location of Denny’s at any time of the day or night and treat yourself to some pancakes and omelettes happily.

Denny’s Breakfast Hours

Dennys breakfast hours are available 24/7 at all the locations of the restaurant. The breakfast menu is served as long as the restaurant is open. And the happiest thing is, Denny’s locations are open 24 hours a day. So, Denny’s breakfast hours are available to enjoy the whole day and night.

You can rarely find Denny’s location which stops serving breakfast at a particular time. Most Denny’s restaurants serve breakfast 24 hours. Visit Denny’s restaurant nearby at 4 AM or 3 AM and still enjoy the breakfast menu.

Day Denny’s Breakfast Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

What Time Does Denny’s Start Serving Breakfast

Most Denny’s Restaurants serve breakfast 24 hours a day. The breakfast menu is available all the time for the customers at Denny’s. If you are visiting Denny’s location which is not available 24 hours, then the breakfast will be started to serve from 6:30 AM in the morning. However, there are only a few locations of Denny’s which limit Denny’s breakfast hours.

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What Time Does Denny’s Stop Serving Breakfast

Denny’s serve breakfast all day. The breakfast serving will not be closed at Denny’s. This all-day-long breakfast service at Denny’s has made it more popular and loved by the customers and especially breakfast lovers. At very few locations of Denny’s which are not open at the night, the breakfast will be served until 2 PM.

Denny’s Breakfast Menu

Denny’s has a long and tasty menu for Denny’s breakfast hours. We have provided all the breakfast foods at Denny’s along with their updated prices. All the foods listed below are served all day without imposing any time limits.

S.No. Denny’s Breakfast Hours Menu Price
1 Famous Cinnamon Rolls & Carmel Pecan Buns $3.25
2 Home-Made Corned Beef Hash $9.50
3 Ham Steak Breakfast $12.25
4 Lumberman’s Special Breakfast $9.50
5 Egg with Toast $2.75
6 2 Eggs with Toast $3.75
7 2 Eggs with Ham, Bacon, Corned Beef Hash or Sausage, Toast $8.25
8 2 Eggs, American Fries, Toast $8.25
9 2 Eggs, Hash Browns, Toast $8.25
10 Steak, Eggs, Hash Browns $12.25
11 Steak, Eggs, American Fries and Toast $12.25
12 Hashbrowns or American Fries Side to any Omelette $2.00
13 Plain Omelette $5.75
14 Cheese Omelette
15 Sausage & Cheese Omelette $8.25
16 Ham & Cheese Omelette
17 Bacon & Cheese Omelette $8.25
18 Mushroom & Cheese Omelette $8.25
19 Veggie & Cheese Omelette $8.25
20 Meat & Cheese Omelette $8.25
21 Spanish Omelette $8.25
22 Western Omelette $8.25
23 Three Pancakes $6.75
24 Shortstack Cakes $5.75
25 Three Sausage/Bacon/Ham Pancakes $9.25
26 French Toast 2 Slices $5.75
27 French Toast 3 Slices $6.75
28 French Toast 3 Slices with Ham, Bacon, or Sausage $9.25
29 Pancake or French Toast with Ham, Bacon, or Sausage $6.25
30 Sausage Gravy & Biscuit $5.25
31 Sausage Gravy & Biscuit with Hash Browns or American Eggs $8.25
32 Sausage Gravy & Biscuit with Two Eggs $8.25
33 Toast $1.50
34 English Muffin $1.50
35 French Toast 1 Slice $2.75
36 Pancake 1 Piece
37 Hash Browns $3.75
38 American Fries
40 Ham $3.75
41 Ham Steak $8.25
42 Sausage $3.75
43 Bacon $3.75
44 Oatmeal $3.50
45 Bagel & Cream Cheese $2.95
46 Side of Corn Beef Hash $4.75
47 Side of Sausage Gravy $2.25
48 Strawberry Topping & Whipped Cream $2.75
49 Extra Cheese, Onion, or Green Pepper to Potato $0.50/item
50 Extra Frosting $0.25

Does Denny’s Serve Breakfast All Day

Denny’s serve breakfast all day. You will find the breakfast menu hot and tasty delivered to your tables at Denny’s locations. Since most Denny’s restaurants are open around the clock, Denny’s breakfast hours are also available 24/7 every day of the week.

does denny's serve breakfast all day

Denny’s Operating Hours

Denny’s locations are open 24 hours every day of the week. Only a few outlets of Denny’s don’t have breakfast hours available all day. You can visit the Locations page on Denny’s to check the exact timings to be sure.

Day Operating Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

About Denny’s

Denny’s or Denny’s Diner is an American diner-style restaurant chain founded in the year 1953. The first outlet of Denny’s was a coffee shop with the name Danny’s Donuts. This restaurant chain was founded by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak. Following the style of classic Diner of the 1950s, these restaurants give an amazing feel to their customers.

denny's hours for breakfast

Currently, there are more than 1,700 locations of Denny’s in the United States (including Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Japan, Honduras, New Zealand, Qatar, Philippines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Curaçao, and the United Kingdom. Denny’s is famous for serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner around the clock.

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That was all about Denny’s breakfast hours, the breakfast foods or menu served at Denny’s, their updated prices as of 2021. Denny’s breakfast hours are available 24 hours every Monday to Sunday. Regardless of the time, one can enjoy the breakfast menu at any time at Denny’s. Even if you wake up late, you can still breakfast from here. For more useful and informative posts like this, visit our Break Fast Hours website.

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