McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2023 Complete List

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys are every kid’s favorite. With a wide variety of toys available, kids are always very much interested to get their order from McDonald’s. If you have a kid, you can treat them to a happy meal to lighten up their mood. Currently, there are very interesting toys available for you.

mcdonalds happy meal toys

Limited edition toys such as Hasbro Gaming toys, Pokémon 25th Anniversary toys, Raya and the Last Dragon toys, Star Wars/Disney Princess toys, TY Beanie Boos toys, Luca toys, and Space Jam: A New Legacy toys are availabe. To know more about the happy meal toys at McDonald’s below.

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

The Happy Meal Toys are especially for kids at McDonald’s. The Happy Meal at McDonald’s consists of the main item(a hamburger, cheeseburger, or small serving of Chicken McNuggets), a side item (French fries, apple slices, a Go-Gurt tube, or a salad) and a drink (milk, juice or a soft drink), and a Happy Meal Toy.

The Happy Meal Toys are started to offer in June 1979, almost the same time when mcdonalds lunch hours have started. The current McDonalds Happy Meal toys are Luca and Space Jam toys. It is also rumored that Mcdonald’s will be offering Hello Kitty toys this year. If you also have kids, buy them their favorite choice of Happy Meal to get amazing toys.

mcdonalds happy meal toys list by year

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys List By Year

The McDonalds Happy Meal Toys concept was introduced in June 1979. These are all the Happy Meal Toys editions released till now from the year 1979. From McDonald’s Happy Meal Retro Toys to the latest ones, all are listed below.

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1979

Circus Train June-July
Star Trek: The Motion Picture toys December 1979-February 1980

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1980

Star Trek: The Motion Picture toys December 1979-February 1980

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1981

The Fox and the Hound toys July

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1982

Look-Look Books
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial posters June
Playmobil toys (recalled)

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1983

Camp Snoopy glasses July: promoting A Boy Named Charlie Brown on Betamax and VHS
The Rescuers toys December
New Food Changeables toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1984

Crazy Creatures toys

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1985

Transformers / My Little Pony toys
McDonalds Fast Macs race car toys

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1986

Airport toys March
Stompers toys August
An American Tail books November
LEGO sets (Duplo sets later added for children under three) November
Happy Pails December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1987

Snow White and the seven dwarfs toys
Muppet babies toys
DuckTales toys
Cinderella toys
Fraggle Rock toys
The Real Ghostbusters School Supplies September

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1988

Oliver & Company toys November
Mac Tonight toys December
Bambi toys December
Hot Wheels toys December
Who Framed Roger Rabbit toys December
McNugget Buddies (1st set) December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1989

Garfield toys
The Jungle Book toys
Looney Tunes toys
Peanuts toys
Mac Tonight travel toys

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1990

Dick Tracy cups June
Super Mario Bros. 3 toys September
Tiny Toon Adventures toys October
The Rescuers Down Under toys November
TaleSpin toys November
The Real Ghostbusters toys November
Barbie toys November
Sportsball toys November

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1991

Tiny Toon Adventures toys
Back to the Future toys
Hot Wheels / Barbie toys
Super Looney Tunes toys
McDino Changeables June
One Hundred and One Dalmatians toys July
Hook toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1992

Back To The Future toys (Delorean recalled) May
Batman Returns toys June
Cabbage Patch Kids / Tonka toys
Barbie / Hot Wheels Mini Streex toys
Looney Tunes toys
Sport Buddies toys
Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast toys
Dinosaurs toys
Tiny Toon Adventures November

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1993

Earth Day toys March
Batman: The Animated Series toys
Jurassic Park cups
Space Launchers toys
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs toys
Aladdin toys
Mattel’s Totally Toy Holiday toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1994

Bobby’s World toys March
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 toys April
The Flintstones toys May
Happy Birthday Happy Meal Train toys June
Animaniacs toys July
Mickey & Friends Epcot ’94 Happy Meal Adventure toys
Gone with the Wind movie toys and dolls December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1995

Spider-Man toys January
Batman Forever glasses June
Babe toys
Animaniacs toys
The Wizard of Oz movie toys and dolls November

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1996

Muppet Treasure Island toys February
Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection toys
Marvel toys May 17-June 14
Babe toys June 14-July 11
Aladdin and the King of Thieves toys August 10-September 12
Space Jam toys November
101 Dalmatians toys November 27-January 2

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1997

The Hunchback of Notre Dame toys March 7-April 3
Walt Disney Home Video Masterpiece Collection May
Hercules toys June
Sleeping Beauty toys September
The Jungle Book toys October 3-23
The Little Mermaid bath toys November 28-December 25
101 Dalmatians toys December 26-January 29

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1998

101 Dalmatians the Series toys December 26-January 29
Hercules toys January 30-February 26
Peter Pan toys February 27-March 26
My Little Pony/Transformers Beast Wars toys March 27-April 16
Disney’s Animal Kingdom toys April 24-May 21
Ty Teenie Beanie Babies May 22-June 18
Mulan toys June 19-July 16
Tamagotchi Toyz July 17-August 13
Hot Wheels/Barbie toys August 14-September 10
Disney Video Favorites toys September 11-October 1
Ronald and Pals Haunted Halloween Nerds Candy Dispensers October 9-October 29
The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride toys October 30-November 26
A Bug’s Life toys November 27-December 24
Recess toys December 25-January 21

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 1999

Mulan on Video toys January 29-February 25
Winnie the Pooh: Sing a Song With Pooh Bear clip-on February 26-March 25
Furby toys March 26-April 22
Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog toys April 23-May 20
Ty Teenie Beanie Babies toys May 21-June 17
Tarzan toys June 18-July 15
Inspector Gadget July 16-August 12
Hot Wheels/Barbie toys August 13-September 9
Doug’s 1st Movie toys September 17-October 14
Halloween Pails October 15-28
Lego toys October 29-November 25
Toy Story 2 toys November 26-December 23

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2000

Tarzan toys January/February
An Extremely Goofy Movie toys February/March
Furby clip-on toys March 24-April 13
Teletubbies toys April 14-29
Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue April/May
Dinosaur toys May/June
Ty Teenie Beanie Babies toys June/July
Fingerboard/Hello Kitty toys July/August
The Tigger Movie backpack clips August/September
Hot Wheels Toys/Barbie toys September/October
Crazy Bones October 13-November 2
Disney’s Video Showcase toys November
102 Dalmatians toys November/December
The Emperor’s New Groove toys December 15-January 11

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2001

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command toys January 12-February 1
Disney’s House of Mouse toys February 2-22
Robo-Chi Pets toys February 23-March 29
Spy Kids toys March
Tiger Techno Action Toys April
Hello Kitty toys May
Atlantis: The Lost Empire toys June/July
The Book of Pooh toys July 11-August 9
Hot Wheels/Barbie toys August
LEGO Bionicle/Diva Starz toys September
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs toys September-October
Halloween Pails October
Monsters, Inc. toys November
Toys “R” Us Animal Alley toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2002

Peter Pan in Return to Neverland toys February
100 Years of Magic toys March
Battlebots toys April
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh May
Disney’s Lilo and Stitch toys June
The Country Bears toys July
Transformers toys
Madame Alexander toys
Beauty and the Beast October
Treasure Planet toys November
Spy Kids toys November

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2003

Betty Spaghetty/Tonka toys January
The Jungle Book 2 toys February
Inspector Gadget 2 March
NakNak April
Masters of the Universe / Bratz May
Finding Nemo toys May/June
Sonic the Hedgehog handheld games June 27-July 24
Madame Alexander toys/Stretch Screamers toys
Hot Wheels/Polly Pocket toys August/September
Kim Possible toys September
The Lion King toys October
Brother Bear toys Late October/November
The Haunted Mansion November/December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2004

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder/Disney Princesses December/January
Play-Doh Lilo & Stitch The Series January/February
The Lion King 1 1/2 toys February/March
Lego Sports/Lego Clikits March/April
The DOG April
ESPN handheld games April/May
Neopets toys May/June
Tony Hawk BoomBoom HuckJam/My Scene June/July
25 Years of Happiness Ty Teenie Beanie Babies toys July/August
Hello Kitty 30th Anniversary September/October
Madame Alexander toys/Aladdin toys October/November
The Incredibles toys November/December
Sonic the Hedgehog handheld games December 3-27
Dave the Barbarian/Lizzie McGuire toys December/January

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2005

Duel Masters/My Little Pony toys January/February
NBA/That’s So Raven toys February/March
Pixar Pals toys March/April
The Dog/The Cat Plush April/May
Crash and Spyro handheld games May/June
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D toys June/July
Neopets July/August
Hot Wheels toys/Barbie in the Magic of Pegasus toys August/September
Walt Disney Park and Resorts toys September
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge toys/Madame Alexander toys Late September/October
Chicken Little toys October/November
Power Rangers/W.I.T.C,H. toys November/December
The Chronicles of Narnia toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2006

Dragon Booster/Strawberry Shortcake toys January/February
Doogal toys February/March
Spy Gear/Trollz toys March/April
The Wild toys April/May
Build-A-Bear Workshop toys May/June
Cars toys June/July
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest toys July/August
Hummer/Polly Pocket toys August
Take the Mario Challenge toys September
Lego Bionicle/Disney’s The Little Mermaid toys September/October
Hot Wheels/Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses toys October/November
Flushed Away toys November/December
iZ toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2007

McDonals Happy meal toys of all the years have been shared, these you can even look at the mcdonalds breakfast hours or even in the afternoon times.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX/Littlest Pet Shop toys December/January
Nickelodeon Catscratch toys (January/February) February/March
Wow Wee Robotics/My Little Pony toys February/March
TMNT/Madame Alexander: The Wizard of Oz toys March/April
American Idol toys April/May
Shrek the Third toys May/June
Surf’s Up toys June/July
Hello Kitty/Fly Wheels toys July/August
Legion of Super-Heroes/Build-A-Bear Workshop toys August
Cartoon Network toys August/September
Hot Wheels/Myscene toys September/October
Bee Movie toys October/November
Shrek the Third on DVD toys November/December
Lego Bionicle/Strawberry Shortcake toys December/January

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2008

El Tigre/FurReal Friends toys January/February
The Spiderwick Chronicles toys February/March
Pirates and Princesses toys March/April
American Idol toys April/May
Speed Racer toys May/June
Kung Fu Panda toys June
Transformers Animated/Littlest Pet Shop toys June/July
Spy Gear/Polly Pocket toys July/August
Star Wars: The Clone Wars toys August/September
Lego Batman: The Video Game/Madame Alexander: The Wizard of Oz toys September/October
Hot Wheels/Barbie toys October/November
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa toys November/December
Lego Bionicle/My Little Pony toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2009

Hotel for Dogs clip-ons January
Digi Sportz/Hello Kitty toys January/February
The Spectacular Spider-Man/Littlest Pet Shop toys February/March
Monsters vs Aliens toys March/April
Kidz Bop CDs April/May
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian toys May/June
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs toys June/July
Ty Teenie Beanie Babies plushies July/August
Lego Racers toys/American Girl books August
Hot Wheels/Barbie toys September
Bakugan/Build A Bear Workshop toys September/October
Nerf toys/Strawberry Shortcake notebooks October
Astro Boy/My Little Pony toys October/November
James Cameron’s Avatar toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel toys January
The Penguins of Madagascar toys January/February
Star Wars/iCarly toys March
How to Train Your Dragon toys March/April
Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5/Barbie toys April/May
Shrek Forever After toys May/June
Shrek Forever After watches June
The Last Airbender toys June/July
Marvel Heroes/Littlest Pet Shop toys July/August
Batman: The Brave and the Bold/Madame Alexander toys August/September
Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Strawberry Shortcake toys September/October
Mr. Potato Head Halloween Pails October
Megamind toys October/November
Transformers/Hello Kitty toys November/December
Bakugan/Only Hearts Pets toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2011

Tonka/My Little Pony toys January/February
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Fused/Barbie toys February/March
Young Justice/Littlest Pet Shop toys March/April 7
Rio toys April 8-28
Batman: The Brave and the Bold toys/Zoobles toys April 29-May 26
Kung Fu Panda 2 toys May 27-June 16
Pokémon Black & White toys/Liv toys June 17/July
Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Strawberry Shortcake toys July
The Smurfs toys July/August
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien toys/Twinkle Toes toys August/September
Power Rangers Samurai toys/iCarly toys September/October
Monster Halloween Pails October
Puss in Boots toys November
Bakugan toys/Hello Kitty toys November/December
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2012

Star Wars Episode 1 in 3-D/Build-a-Bear Workshop toys January/February
Transformers Prime/My Little Pony toys March
Green Lantern: The Animated Series toys/Squinkies toys March/April 7
Spy Gear/VicTORIous toys April/May
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted toys May/June
Pokemon: Black/White toys/Zoobles toys June/July
Ice Age: Continental Drift toys July 6-26
SpongeBob SquarePants toys Late July/August
Power Rangers Super Samurai/Paul Frank toys August/September
Hotel Transylvania toys September/October
Scooby-Doo! Halloween Pails October
Young Justice fingerboards/Littlest Pet Shop toys November
Rise of the Guardians toys November/December
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys/Moshi Monsters toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2013

Transformers Prime toys/Hello Kitty toys January/February
HexBug toys/Barbie in the Pink Shoes toys February/March
The Croods toys March/April
Skylanders: Giants toys/Fijit Friends Shimmies toys April
Spy Gear toys/Winx Club toys April/May
Epic toys May/June
Team Hot Wheels/Twinkle Toes toys June/July
Despicable Me 2 toys July
The Smurfs 2 toys August
Power Rangers Megaforce toys/Justice toys August/September
Beware the Batman toys/The Wizard of Oz toys September/October
Angry Birds Star Wars/Monster High Halloween Pails October
Happy Meal Books November
NFL Rush Zone toys/Build-a-Bear Workshop toys November/December
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys/Furby Boom! toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2014

Paul Frank toys/Adventure Time toys January/February
The Lego Movie cups February/March
Mr. Peabody and Sherman toys March
Skylanders: Swap Force/My Little Pony: Rainbow Power toys March/April
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys April/May
Pokemon X & Y toys/American Girl Isabelle toys May/June
How to Train Your Dragon 2 toys June/July
Mario Kart 8 toys/Ty Teenie Beanie Boos toys July
Hot Wheels toys/Barbie toys August
Madden NFL 15 toys/Littlest Pet Shop toys August/September
HexBug toys/Monster High toys September/October
The Book of Life Halloween pails October
Max Steel/Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary toys (Whistle in one of the toys is recalled due to choking hazards) October/November
Penguins of Madagascar toys November/December
Spy Gear/Flutterbye Fairies toys December/January

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2015

Harper Collins kids books January
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tops/Sweethearts Plush January/February
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water straw toppers February/March
Team Hot Wheels toys/Barbie: Life in the DreamHouse toys March
Home toys March/April
Transformers: Robots in Disguise toys/My Little Pony: Equestria Girls April/May
Skylanders: Trap Team toys/Littlest Pet Shop toys May/June
Nerf/Nerf Rebelle toys June/July
Minions toys July
Batman Unlimited toys/Monster High toys July/August
Monster Jam toys/Hello Kitty toys August/September
Hotel Transylvania 2 toys September/October
Minions Halloween pails October
The Peanuts Movie toys October/November
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire toys/Build-a-Bear Workshop toys November/December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2016

Raving Rabbids toys/Shopkins toys December/Januar
Harper Collins kids books February
My Little Pony toys/Transformers: Robots in Disguise toys February/March
Barbie Spy Squad toys/DC Comics Hot Wheels toys March/April
Emoji plush April/May
The Angry Birds Movie toys May/June
Skylanders Superchargers toys/The Powerpuff Girls toys June/July
The Secret Life of Pets plush July/August
Step-It Activity Bands August/September
Talking Tom toys September
Justice League Action toys/DC Superhero Girls toys September/October
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Halloween Pails October
Trolls Pencil toppers and Sticker sheets October/November
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Hello Sanrio toys November/December
Sing toys December/January

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2017

Teen Titans Go!/SweetHearts clip gloss toys January/February
The Lego Batman Movie toys and cups February/March
Barbie Fashionistas toys/Hot Wheels toys March/April
Smurfs: The Lost Village toys April
Super Mario toys April/May
Ty Teenie Beanie Boos toys May/June
Despicable Me 3 toys June/August
The Emoji Movie plush clip-ons August/September
Harper Collins kids books September
The Lego Ninjago Movie toys September/October
My Little Pony: The Movie/Transformers: Robots in Disguise October/November
Pokemon Sun & Moon/Hello Sanrio November/December
Happy Meal Holiday Express December/January

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2018

Yo-Kai Watch/Shopkins: Happy Places January
American Greetings cards January-February
Peter Rabbit toys February
Snoopy toys March
National Geographic Kids plush toys April-May
Hasbro Gaming toys May-June
Incredibles 2 toys June-July
Nintendo Super Mario toys July-August
Justice League Action toys August-September
Bumblebee/My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Crew toys September/October
Pokémon/Hello Kitty October/November
Ralph Breaks the Internet toys November/December
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse toys December

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2019

Monster Jam/Shopkins: Cutie Cars toys January
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part toys January-February
Teen Titans Go! toys February-March
Ty Teenie Teeny Tys birthday toys March/April
Avengers: Endgame toys April-May
The Secret Life of Pets 2 toys May-June
Toy Story 4 toys June-July
The Lion King toys July-August
NASA Peanuts Snoopy toys and books August/September
Hot Wheels/Barbie toys September/October
Pokemon/Hello Kitty toys October/November
Happy Meal 40th Anniversary Throwback toys November
Frozen 2 toys November/December
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker toys  December/January

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2020

Discovery #MindBlown toys January
Fast & Furious Spy Racers/Spirit Riding Free toys February
Onward toys February-March
Pikmi Pops/Beyblade Burst March/April
Trolls: World Tour toys April/May
Minions toys June/July
Disney and Pixar Celebration plush July/August
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous toys and books September/October
Marvel Studios Heroes toys October/November
Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway toys November/December
Soul toys December/January

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2021

Hasbro Gaming January/February
Pokémon 25th Anniversary February/March
Raya and the Last Dragon March/April
Star Wars/Disney Princess April/Early May
TY Beanie Boos May
Luca June/July
Space Jam: A New Legacy July/August


That was all about the McDonalds Happy Meal Toys. If you have kids at home, you can rest assured about the food quality and buy them McDonald’s Happy Meal without any hesitation. The quality and McDonald’s can be trusted to treat your family. Kids will also be happy to get free toys with their orders. Keep visiting to get more related articles.

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