Petco Hours: What Time Does Petco Open Close?

Looking for the Petco hours? Wondering when Petco opens and closes? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will provide you with all of the information you need to know about Petco hours. We will also tell you about some of the best deals and sales that are going on at Petco right now!

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So, whether you are looking to buy pet food or just want to take your pet in for a check-up, be sure to read this article first! We will discuss the typical Petco hours and give you a list of the current Petco hours for today. We will also provide a list of some of the most popular Petco services and products.

Petco Hours

Petco hours are from Monday – Saturday from 9 am. Petco hours are a little different on Sunday. On Sunday, the store is open from 11 am-11 pm in most locations. So if you need to stock up on pet food or supplies before next week’s grocery run, it might be smart to swing by Petco first!

Days Petco Hours Open  Petco Hours Close 
Monday 9 a.m. 11 p.m.
Tuesday 9 a.m. 11 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. 11 p.m.
Thursday 9 a.m. 11 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. 11 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. 11 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. 11 p.m.

What Time Does Petco Open?

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Petco opens from Monday to Saturday at 9 am in morning. This gives you plenty of time to buy whatever you need for your pet before work or during your lunch break. If you are looking to do some shopping on a Sunday, Petco opens at eleven in most locations and goes until 11 at night, giving you plenty of time to get all of your food.

What Time Does Petco Close?

Petco closes at 9 pm in the evening from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, Petco is open from eleven in most locations and goes until 11 pm, giving you plenty of time to stock up for next week’s grocery run! Also, read our other post to know Tru by Hilton breakfast hours.

Is Petco Open on Sunday?

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Yes! Most locations are open from 11 am-11 pm on Sundays. However, it is always best to check your local Petco store hours before heading out, just in case there are any changes.

Most Popular Services and Products at Petco

One of the great things about Petco is that you can find pretty much everything you need for your pet all in one place! From food to toys and everything in between, Petco has got you covered. Some of their most popular services include grooming and training for dogs or cats, vaccinations if needed (talk with your veterinarian first before getting any shots!)

What Are Petco Holiday Hours?

Petco is always open on most holidays, but they may have special hours for some. For example, Petco will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day. If you need to go out shopping before or after one of those days when Petco stores are closed, make sure you check the store locator online first! Be sure to ask your veterinarian if they are open during holidays as well!

Is Petco Open on Thanksgiving?

Petco will be closed on Thanksgiving day. If you need anything pet-related, make sure that you head out before or after the holiday so it doesn’t ruin your plans with family and friends!

Does Petco Close For Christmas?

Yes, Petco will be closed on Christmas day. However, they are open from the 26th-30th of December! Be sure to stock up on pet food and supplies before the big holiday hits!


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