Red Robin Hours With Open and Close Timings

Do you want to know what time does Red Robin opens and closes? If yes, then this guide will show you complete details about Red Robin hours of operation throughout the year along with its holiday hours. Also, know what is the menu served at Red Robin restaurants, the menu prices, locations, and much more in this post. Before that, here is a quick introduction to Red Robin.

red robin hours

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, popularly known as “Red Robin”, is an American casual dining restaurant chain. This restaurant chain was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1969 by Gerry Kingen. Now, Red Robin is operating its stores successfully in the United States and Canada in 570 locations. Red Robin restaurants are mainly known for their Gourmet Burgers and chicken sandwiches. Know what time does Red Robin starts serving their menu below.

Red Robin Hours Today

The Red Robin hours of operation are available from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Red Robin restaurants will operate between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. The Red Robin hours Sundays are similar to the regular hours of operation, i.e, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. only. At most places, the Red Robin locations follow the timings given in the table below.

Day Red Robin Open Hours Red Robin Hours Close
Monday 11 a.m. 9 p.m.
Tuesday 11 a.m. 9 p.m.
Wednesday 11 a.m. 9 p.m.
Thursday 11 a.m. 9 p.m.
Friday 11 a.m. 10 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. 10 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. 9 p.m.

When Does Red Robin Open?

red robin christmas eve hours

Red Robin hours of operation start from 11 a.m. in the morning at almost all of their locations on all days of the week. From Monday to Sunday, the Red Robin restaurants will open at sharp 11 a.m. on all days of the week. On occasions like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas eve, the Red Robin locations may open late or close early.

What Time Does Red Robin Close?

The Red Robin restaurants close their stores at 9 p.m. on all days of the week except for Fridays and Saturdays. On these days, the Red Robin locations will remain open until 10 p.m. Though these are the most followed timings, the hours of operation may change at a few locations. Please check the Red Robin locations page to get the exact Red Robin hours.

Red Robin Hours Menu With Prices

Here is the menu served along with its prices served during Red Robin hours of operation. If you want to taste their amazing Gourmet Burgers and sandwiches, then you must visit Red Robin at least once.

Gourmet Burgers

Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger $11.59
Royal Red Robin Burger $12.79
Bacon Jammin’ Burger $13.99
Bacon Cheeseburger $12.69
Burnin’ Love Burger $12.99
The Impossible™ Cheeseburger $14.89
Banzai $11.79
Grilled Turkey Burger $11.99
Guacamole Bacon Burger $12.89
Keep It Simple $10.99
Monster Burger $14.99
Sautéed ’Shroom $11.99
The Wedgie Burge $12.99
Whiskey River BBQ $11.99
Vegan Burger $11.59
Veggie Burger $11.59

Finest Burgers

Madlove $14.59
The Master Cheese Burger $12.99
Smoke & Pepper $13.99
The Southern Charm Burger $14.29

Tavern Burgers

Haystack Tavern Double $8.19
Haystack Tavern Big $10.19
Pig Out Tavern Double $11.29
Pig Out Tavern Big $13.29
Red’s Tavern Double $7.99
Red’s Tavern Big $9.99

Family Bundles

Burger Bundle For 4 $30.00
Burger Bundle For 5 $50.00
Burger Bundle For 6 $60.00


red robin hours today

Red’s Bold Boneless Wings $10.29
Bacon Jammin’ Wings $10.59
Donatos 10″ Pizza
[10″ Serious Cheese / 10″ Pepperoni]
Donatos 10″ Pizza
[Cauliflower 10″ Serious Cheese / Cauliflower 10″ Pepperoni]
Jump Starter Double $8.29
Pretzel Bites $6.29
The O-Ring Shorty $6.29
Towering Onion Rings $10.29
Fried Pickle Nickels $6.29
Creamy Artichoke & Spinach Dip $8.29


Simply Grilled Chicken Burger $10.99
BLTA Croissant $12.49
California Chicken $12.89
Crispy Chicken $12.29
Teriyaki Chicken $11.99
Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap $12.99
Whiskey River BBQ Chicken $12.29

Chicken & More

The Impossible Cheeseburger $14.89
Simply Grilled Chicken Burger $10.99
Grilled Turkey Burger $11.99
California Chicken $12.89
Crispy Chicken $12.29
Teriyaki Chicken $11.99
Vegan Burger $11.59
Veggie Burger $11.59
Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger $12.29


Clucks & Fries $11.99
Arctic Cod Fish & Chips $14.89
Ensenada Chicken Single $12.69
Ensenada Chicken Platter $14.89
Buzz-Style Clucks & Fries $11.99

Salads & Soups

Crispy Chicken Tender $12.19
Simply Grilled Chicken $10.79
Southwest Chicken $12.19
Avo-Cobb-O $12.19
House Salad $5.99


Cinnamon Sugar Doh! Rings Shorty $7.99
Towering Cinnamon Sugar Doh! Rings $9.49
Fudge-Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Pc. $1.49
Fudge-Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies 5 Pc. $7.99
Gooey Chocolate Brownie Cake $6.99
Mountain High Mudd Pie $8.49
Caramel & Cookie Crumb Milkshake $5.49
OREO Cookie Magic Milkshake $4.99
Chocolate Milkshake $4.99
Fruit Milkshake $4.99
Vanilla Milkshake $4.99

Just For Kids

Mac It Yours $5.49
Red’s Cheeseburger $6.49
Cluck-A-Doodles 2 Pc. $5.49
Cluck-A-Doodles 5 Pc. $6.49
Corn Doggies 6 Pc. $5.49
Corn Doggies 9 Pc. $6.49
Donatos 7″ Pizza $5.49
Grilled Chicken Dip’Ns $5.49
Freckled Lemonade $1.19


Get Saucy! $0.99
Zucchini Fries $2.99
Yukon Chips $1.49
Steamed Broccoli $1.49
Steak Fries
[Side Order]
Steak Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
[Side Order]
Sweet Potato Fries
Garlic Order
[Side Order]
Garlic Order


Soft Drinks $2.99
Flavored Lemonade $2.99
Freckled Lemonade $4.99
Poppin’ Purple Lemonade $4.99
Shareable Lemonades $12.99
Fresh-Brewed Gold Peak Tea $2.99
Very Berry Raspberry Limeade $4.99
Shareable Fresh-Brewed Gold Peak Teas $7.99
Orange Cream Soda $3.79
Raspberry Cream Soda $3.79
Shareable Sodas $7.99
Dasani Bottled Water $2.49

Red Robin Holiday Hours

The Red Robin restaurants will be open on almost all of the public holidays. Your favorite restaurant, Red Robin will be operating every day of the year except for Christmas. However, the following are the holidays on which the Red Robin stores may have changes in their hours of operation.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Black Friday
  • New Year’s Eve

The only public holiday on which the Red Robin hours will be closed is Christmas.

  • Christmas Day (Closed)

What Are Red Robin Christmas Hours?

The Red Robin restaurants will be closed on Christmas day. All the Red Robin locations in America will remain closed on the occasion of Christmas. The restaurants will be open on Christmas eve, however, the Red Robin Christmas eve hours may have reduced timings. Please check the Red Robin Locations page to know what are the Red Robin hours of operation on public holidays.

Red Robin Hours Near Me

Don’t know what are Red Robin hours of operation for the nearest location? No worries. You can easily find where is the nearest Red Robin restaurant, its hours of operation, menu, and more. To do so, follow the steps given below.

  • Visit to go to the Red Robin Locations page.
  • Select your state and then your city to see the nearest Red Robin.

red robin open hours

  • To view the restaurant details, click on the link.
  • Here, you can see the Red Robin hours, menu, etc.


Red Robin hours of operation are available from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all days of the week excluding Fridays and Saturdays. On the latter days, the Red Robin restaurants will operate from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Whenever you want to visit a Red Robin next time, visit the locations within the given time. Follow the website if you want to get more updated information about your favorite restaurants.

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