What Time Does Wawa Stop Serving Breakfast

Are you looking for Wawa Breakfast Hours? Well, before learning the same, do you have any idea related to Wawa stores? If not, I am going to provide the complete details. Wawa usually considered as an American large chain that offers yummy and delicious dishes.

Wawa Breakfast Hours

Like 9 different varieties of Sizzle, 21 different dishes of breakfast burritos as a full meal, and 21 types of hoagies, katsu, ramen, and many more were offered over there. From the beginning to date, it is operating around 900+ locations and thereby running successfully.

Wawa Breakfast Hours

Wawa is an American store chain that offers tasty and delicious dishes at affordable prices.  Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the United States of America. Not just the breakfast but also provides vegan, gluten-free options, beers, wines, whiskey as a complementary dish. Based on the user choice, they serve the meal on time. Anyhow, to enjoy their breakfast meal, it is very essential to learn about the Wawa Breakfast Hours. In that case, here are its timings.

Day Wawa Breakfast Hours Start Wawa Breakfast Hours End
Monday 05:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday 05:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday 05:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
Thursday 05:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
Friday 05:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
Saturday 05:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
Sunday 05:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.

Usually the timings they serve the breakfast differ from one location to another. Overall the Wawa is offering a great menu as a breakfast meal at an affordable price. All their stores going to be the best place that satisfies your hunger very much. Besides this, quality comes as their’s first priority. Hence they prepare and provide quality food by including fresh and organic ingredients only.

wawa breakfast sandwich hours

Hence just visit your nearby store or restaurant and grab your favorite breakfast meal today itself. Hurry up and learn their timings now so that you will never miss the meal. As the customer’s convenience or comfort is going to be their first priority, Wawa serves the meal all day. Not just the family members, even friends can make parties over there enjoying the taste of the meal higher, also have a look on what time is breakfast at home2 suites and more.

When Does Wawa Breakfast Hours Start?

Well, if your looking for the Wawa Breakfast Hours start time, then we are not going to disappoint you. Because the entire details are shared here. Without making any delay let me tell you the Wawa Breakfast Hours start or begin serving breakfast as a full meal in the morning around 5:00 a.m. In case if you are aware that Wawa breakfast sandwich hours differ from one location to another, better to contact them and visit. So that can save your valuable time and visit to have your favorite breakfast on time successfully.

When Does Wawa Breakfast Hours End?

The Wawa Breakfast Hours actually end in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Hence hurry up to have your favorite breakfast meal over there. Even though if you get late at times, do not get disappointed. Because the Wawa serves their dishes 24-hours say all Day. Special breakfast meals might not be available beyond breakfast hours. But yes, they serve other dishes as a full meal at any time satisfying the customer’s hunger greater. Apart of this as the starting hours and closing hours vary from one location to another, you can contact them anytime to learn about the timings without getting fail.

wawa breakfast menu hours

Wawa Breakfast Menu Prices

As we all know the Wawa Breakfast food chain stores serve dishes/breakfast at an affordable price, here are some price lists of menu items. Just go through it so that you may get an idea about it.

Breakfast Burritos $2.99
6-in-one Hoagie Short $4.39
Bagel $0.95
Bagel with cream, cheese, cucumber, and tomato $2.19
Breakfast Bowls $3.19
10-in-one Hoagie Classic $5.59
Bagel with cream $1.59
Sizzles $2.69
Bagel with butter $1.89
Oatmeal if small $1.99
Oatmeal if Medium $2.49
Oatmeal if Large $2.99

Breakfast Menu Items Lists

Below, we have come with a few delicious menu items served in the Wawa Stores. Let’s go through the lists without wasting our precious time.

1. Fresh Salsa
2. Egg Breakfast
3. Oatmeal
4. Sourdough Melts
5. Scrambled eggs
6. Breakfast Burritos
7. Breakfast bowls
8. Sizzle sandwiches
9. The Gobbler
10. Meatball
11. Cheese Steak
12. Breakfast sourdough melts

Does Wawa Restaurants Serve Breakfast All-Day

Yes, Wawa stores serve different varieties of dishes all day. But the Wawa breakfast hours start in the morning at 5:00 a.m. and end in the morning again around 11:00 a.m. Hence hurry up and make your things done early so that can visit over there as fast as you can. Therefore, if in that case, will not miss your favorite breakfast meal at any cost.

Wawa Drive-Thru hours begin in the morning around 6:00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m. All these 16 hours, they provide the customer depending upon the order placed by him/ her. Either it might be the lunch/ dinner/ breakfast doesn’t matter. Within the time frame, they serve the dishes on time according to the order placed.

What about the Wawa Restaurants Holiday Hours

The Wawa Restaurants Holiday Hours also remain the same as regular days. As the customer’s convenience and comfort are their first priority, they open even during public holidays. However, below are the lists of Public holidays.

  • New year day
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas day
  • Bad Friday
  • Good Friday
  • Valentine’s day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Labor’s day
  • President’s day
  • Memorial day
  • Colombus day
  • Independence day
  • Easter day

On all these days, they do serve different varieties 24 hours (All-day). So, customers if they like to have breakfast/ lunch/ dinner at Public holidays, undoubtedly can visit as per the store’s opening and closing hours.


These are the complete details related to Wawa, an American food chain store. To have a tasty and delicious breakfast or lunch or dinner, whatever!! Visit the Wawa today and enjoy the taste of the meal. To learn further details, hold on at break fast hours every minute.

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